The ABNA: Crashing, crashing! Always crashing!

My friend, Annie, traveled throughout East Asia during the early 80s, and this was her experience when leaving one of the Indonesian islands. As she arrived at the airport, Annie's attention was drawn to the dense jungle at the end of the runway. The tail of a rather large passenger plane was jutting up through the trees at an unnatural angle. The rest of the plane was hidden by greenery. When Annie checked in, she asked the woman at the ticketing counter about the unfortunate plane. The woman responded, "Oh, yes, planes. Crashing, crashing! Always crashing!" Then she gave my friend a brilliant smile and a boarding pass.

What does this have to do with the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award? Not much. I just think it's a funny story.

Girl Under Glass didn't move into the ABNA final round. And, really, I didn't expect it to. But I'm damn proud to have made it into the semi-finals; it's no small accomplishment. And the current draft is much tighter than what I submitted to the ABNA. So what I won from the contest is the confidence of knowing that I can spin a pretty fine tale according to a group of strangers. And you can bet I'll be sticking 2012 ABNA Semi-Finalist all over my marketing materials.

Writing, I suppose, is like flying in Indonesia in the early 80s. Books go crashing, crashing, always crashing. Yet, we smile, take our boarding pass, and climb aboard for another wild ride. I wonder where I'll go next....