The Glass Asylum #1: Old Habits -- Six Sentence Sunday

Hello lovely Sixers. It's Six Sentence Sunday, and I'm gonna give you whiplash. Sorry. I've fallen in love with my current WIP, The Glass Asylum, which is the sequel to Girl Under Glass. So, starting today, I'll be randomly posting from this one (in addition to First Comes Famine) during the coming months. I'm integrating Ehtishem's POV into this book and he's proving to be a complex and fascinating character with inner-demons that are much closer to escaping than I ever expected. Still waters do, indeed, run deep.

This scene takes place in the Nest, which is the breeding center aboard Dathusha, the Ohnenrai ship. "Cithrem" means "breeder," and Ghisga has been tempting him to fall back into some old, cultural habits.


He looked away from Ghisga’s breasts and their nearly unnoticeable scars from when they’d been surgically lifted and tightened after the birth of her last child. Looked away from the strong, tall body that she offered to him and to any other affluent Ohnenran who could move her up through the levels of the Nest because, more than most Ohnenrai women, the cithrem had power. Ghisga, who had instructed him in the many methods of sexual gratification. Ghisga who had been handpicked by Ahremena for him when he was fourteen years old. “Cover yourself. Please.”


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