The Glass Asylum #7: Not an Idle Threat

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Hello friends! It's Six Sentence Sunday and I'm still featuring my WIP, The Glass Asylum. This comes from a scene following last week's threats to dump all the Terran men back on Earth but keep the women aboard Dathusha (the Ohnenrai mothership) to act as surrogates for Ohnenrai children. This confrontation takes place in Ehtishem's office and involves one of the Councilors who's advocating forced separation. (The Councilor is the first to speak.)


“This is an outrageous misuse of your office’s powers, Zosh. I’m warning you—”

“No, you are not. But I'm going to give you a crash course in Terran culture, Sarem. They view interpersonal relationships from a wholly different approach, and I assure you that if you seek to remove the women from the Terran Sector, you will unleash enough violence and unrest to more than disrupt the operations of this ship and destabilize social order. And I will kick you in the testicles so hard they will come out of your nostrils.”


You know Ehtishem could do it, too.


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