Vampires, Daemons, and Angels, Oh My!

So, considering that Preyers has moved into draft 2.0 phase, I figured it was time to start blogging about my writing adventure with vampires.  (Or is that daemons?)  (Or archangels?)  (Wait?  All of the above?)  This blog will be as much about research and writing, in general, as it will be about this book, specifically. I am so thankful to my characters for planting their extraordinary story in my mind, and continuing to toss kindling upon the fire; it's fast become a raging inferno. (Sigh. I feel all warm and toasty-woasty from head to toes.)

Please feel free to comment, question, and participate in this blog.  I've been granted a peek into a lovely, secretive, astonishing world and I'd like nothing more than to pull back the curtain just a little bit for the rest of you.  I hope you like what you see!