Vampire Perspective

My dear friends have reminded me that life, for most of us, is very mutable.  It's been a good time for them to enter mine.  I was beginning to go a bit crazy with the recession and our finances being so god-awful this year.  At the beginning of 2009, I anticipated having a ghastly year, but April brought Matilde into my life and nothing's been the same since.  I will be ever grateful to her for showing me that how you approach life's difficulties is completely dictated by your frame of mind.  She should know. Take emotions, for instance.  Being one whose emotions dictate my actions/reactions, it's been my lifelong struggle to keep every bump, or pothole, in the road in perspective.  And, now, I'm charged with teaching emotional perspective to my three-year-old daughter.  Poor child; she has no idea how ill-equipped I am to teach that particular lesson.  My litany to her is, "You control your emotions, your emotions do not control you."  Too bad I can't seem to learn that lesson myself!  (Do as I say, not as I do, right?)  I think this is why my mind gave me Matilde's story; I can capture her voice so well because I understand how she thinks.  Or, so I hope.  I think she's much better at this perspective thing than I am.  Then again, she's had 182 years of practice.  Seems she's got a good head start on me!