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Strong women.

Smart men.

Love, adventure, & magic.



Fantasy and Science Fiction

Militess & Mage

Love, magic, adventure, and suspense meet in this romantic epic fantasy series. Perfect for readers who enjoy swords and sorcery, a little romance, unapologetically tough heroines, and unique heroes.

Glass and Iron

Moving from the Pacific Northwest to huge alien spaceships, this series appeals to fans of genetic engineering science fiction, military sci-fi, romantic sci-fi, and alien invasion stories.

The Apocalyptics

Set in Edwardian-era America, this gritty novel combines gothic, dark fantasy, paranormal, and urban fantasy elements to create a unique twist on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Short Stories

short stories expand the worlds and characters you love.

Learn the history of your favorite heroes and heroines.

Explore the lives of secondary characters. 



Opportunities abound Within these collections to explore new worlds and unique characters: 

  • A half-blind cowboy and a judgmental dragon form an unlikely alliance

  • A divorced couple discovers forgiveness in the time of the Rapture

  • A shape-shifting, alien spy must choose between her past and her future in a gritty, noir world

  • A brother's guilt drives him to keep going through an apocalyptic hell-scape to seek closure and vengeance


Discover Unique Worlds & Powerful Characters

strong, vulnerable, and relatable heroines. and the Heroes who are smart enough to love and support them.

Worlds that are thoroughly researched, impeccably designed, and so real you'll slip right into the stories and lose yourself between the pages.

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