Coming in Fall 2019

The Bones Beneath

Once they were royalty. Now they’re renegades.

She lost her lands because she disobeyed her king, now she’ll challenge death to save her world.

He destroyed murderers and monsters to protect her, this time he’ll defy the gods.

Halina and Gethen are the last fighters standing against the evil engulfing Quoregna’s kingdoms. King Waldram has allied with King Ilker and marches against former allies in overwhelming numbers. Citizens are conscripted or killed, their possessions seized. Shrikers roam the lands, stealing children’s souls to empower Waldram’s necromancy, while mages and hedge witches have been seduced by the dark magic feeding his madness. Besera teeters on the brink of collapse and Or-Halee is besieged by shrikers. Only distant Teleyansk remains free from war’s chaos.

Relentlessly hunted by their enemies, Gethen and Halina must journey to Quoregna’s farthest reaches in search of allies. Can they muster aid from the free kingdoms’ ruling families, or will fear of Waldram’s combined armies force the militess and the mage to travel a much deadlier road to raise a force against his tyranny?

Magic, adventure, suspense, and love abound in the third novel of Monica’s Militess & Mage series. Epic fantasy that’s perfect for fans of swords, sorcery, and a touch of romance.

the Militess & Mage series