"This second installment of the Militess and Mage series is non-stop magical fantasy with a dark and twisted mien... If you are looking for a fantasy series that lifts you out of the realm of young adult in emotion, outlook, and consequences, you've found it here."

History Repeats, Amazon Review

A Castle to Keep

Separate they’re vulnerable. Together they might survive their enemy’s deadly schemes.

Militess Halina battled monsters, wraiths, and undead mages to assure peace for Ursinum. Now she’s under siege inside her own castle, held by enemies determined to start a war and to condemn her lover, Sun Mage Gethen, as a king-killer and a child-slayer.

After banishing his former master’s madness behind the Voidline for eternity Gethen expected his quiet life to return. Instead, someone has resurrected an evil that feeds on the kingdom’s children, and they’ve framed him for its return.

In a battle for souls and survival, Halina fights for the kingdom she serves and the man she loves, even as Gethen hunts an undying evil to spare the children of two nations from a horrendous death and to save his beloved militess from an enemy’s wrath.

Magic, adventure, suspense, and love abound in the second novel of Monica’s Militess & Mage series. Epic fantasy that’s perfect for fans of sword and sorcery fiction with a touch of romance.

The Militess & Mage Series